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Your Choice for Body Art and Custom Tattoos

Your Choice for Body Art and Custom Tattoos

Your Choice for Body Art and Custom TattoosYour Choice for Body Art and Custom TattoosYour Choice for Body Art and Custom Tattoos

Ready for your next piece of body art?

Ready to put a piece of forever on your skin? 

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Meet Our Team

Phil Scott - Piercer

Local guy turned Co-Owner. My name is Phil Scott and with my four years of experience I have stayed on top of  being expertly  trained in  all things piercings.

I add a free style technique and customer service you just won't get anywhere else. We pierce with nothing but the best quality and top of the line jewelry. No corners will be cut in your experience or the service along the way. I along with Dave opened Stage Left Tattoos and Piercings in December 2019 and can't wait to see what 2020 bring us. 

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David Wachtel - Tattoo Artist

My name is Dave Wachtel. I am a Star Wars fanatic, Comic-con enthusiast and most important of all a family man. I take my days one at a time, enjoying each every one of them for what they are with a smile on my face. My heart and soul brought me to tattooing 11 years ago in Southern California, where I started. I worked in a couple great tattoo shops with great people, many who I call family still today.  In 2016 I relocated to Indiana continuing my  my work as a tattoo artist; again meeting great clients and moving up in my career.   December 2019  I opened Stage Left Tattoos Piercings with my blood sweat and tears and the support of my family and friends. This is a long lived dream of mine come true. I am extremely happy and proud to see my repeat clients and many new clients as well. It is my home away from home and I’m so excited to see many more faces come through my doors and see what we have to offer.  This is me and I’m so happy to meet all of you.

Shauna Jowers - Tattoo Artist

I have always loved art in all forms from a young age. I started tattooing in 2012 after a 2.5 year apprenticeship. I have a large family and love making my clients a part of it! I enjoy doing most styles of tattoos and love making custom pieces!

Stephen Smith - Tattoo Artist

The Newest addition to the shop, I am eager to meet new clients and show off the work I can do. 

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